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 Attention !

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Attention ! Empty
PostSubject: Attention !   Attention ! EmptySun Mar 06, 2011 11:14 pm

After so many complaints .....
I believed I've mentioned this a lot of times in the VERY BEGINNING .

1) We dont beg people to stay if they DONT wish to . If you want to leave then jolly-well do it . Its like.... if your not happy with us, then just get going already . Yes there may be people asking you not do, please view it as "They are double-confirming if your leaving or not and NOT begging you to stay" . So much for devotion ...

2) We dont like spies . If the person you've invited is a spy or something, PLEASE JUST EXPEL THE EFF OUT OF HIM/HER . We dont like double-sided tapes .

3) Our guild has our own originality , we dont like to see it being duplicated . I admit I may be off most of the time, but still, I am working with the VIPs to get to know what is going on. If you dont like my style, I dont mind you saying right into my face, i'll accept it.

4) Lastly... DO NOT cause troubles for ANY members in Mafia, be it personal matter or gaming issues . It is very unfair for innocent members to solve the problem that you've caused ! If you want to cause trouble, YOU SETTLE IT YOURSELF . ( I mean causing SERIOUS trouble, of course, a lil bit of trouble is out of fun, we can still accept it. Mafia is about being Mafia isnt it ? >:B )

5) Respect every members in Mafia . Of course , respect every players in Void too .

These are the 5 GENERAL rules in Mafia . I dont care who you are, what you are, how you are . Mafia has it own rules . Mafia has it own style . Shouldnt we be the ones who set examples to people ? Shouldnt we be the ones who hold our heads high and make an impact out of peoples' mind ? I dont know, but for what Mafia is now, I am happy with it . ( I dont know about what you guys think tho ) . Last but not least, I may sounded a lil one-sided in this post , if I am, I am sorry but I just dont like it when people go against the rules or trying to make a new style out of Mafia .

Attention ! Warning-siggy
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Attention !
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